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How To Invite Users To Manage Infrastructure Without A Computer

Ziptility makes it incredibly simple to invite new users into your system by simply sending a text message.

Most of the utilities we work with only have one or two computers within their entire utility.

On top of that the computer is old, outdated, and they usually need IT assistance in order to operate it. They get so frustrated with the computer that they end up letting it collect dust, and neglect collecting critical infrastructure data.

Nearly everyone has a phone and receives text messages from family, loved, ones, and colleagues on a daily basis. So why not leverage the device you already own and use to start capturing critical information necessary to manage your infrastructure properly.

This is where legacy GIS systems fall short. They make it difficult for the people doing the work to actually use them. Utility operators and field staff are smart people, so why not empower them to put in the information that only they know? 

If you'd like to learn how Ziptility can help you manage your infrastructure from your phone, simply fill out a demo request form here.

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Ziptility is only app utility crews need to find, fix, and manage utility infrastructure. Ziptility is used daily by utility crews in the field to stay connected and track all work in real-time. See how it works.

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