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Video: Ziptility's Imagine H20 Demo Day Pitch

Ziptility Receives Runner Up Award From Audience In Global Water Pitch Competition

Ziptility was recently named one of 13 startups in the Imagine H20 Global Water Accelerator Program. The other companies that were apart of the program were diverse across the founding teams and products, but similar in their desire and innovative approaches to solving global water challenges.

Dante Cook, Ziptility, Co-Founder spoke on behalf of the company and shared about the company's mission of empowering utility crews and operators with it's infrastructure management app.

Utility Operators in rural towns are faced with increasing struggles from managing widespread infrastructure, with a shrinking revenue base, high employee turnover, and old paper records to manage their utility knowledge capture processes.

Rural Utilities Are Challenged By Deteriorating Infrastructure, Shrinking Revenue Bases, High Turnover, and Outdated Paper Records

Problems are compounded because Utilities often have Information Gaps in their data. Someone knew valuable information, and someone else who needed that info, couldn't access it.

The Information Gap: Data Was Known But Not Accessible

Seeing this problem, Ziptility built a solution that is as powerful as legacy enterprise solutions like ESRI, but as flexible and nimble as paper.

The Power Of Enterprise Solutions As Simple As Paper

Realizing America's Water Infrastructure crisis will not be solved by GIS consultants and analysts sitting behind a desk, Ziptility created an intuitive map to manage all of a utility's infrastructure, for the utility crews doing the work.

Infrastructure Management App For Crews

Ziptility highlighted the fact that, their customers haven't skipped a beat during the Coronavirus pandemic because of the software's ability to allow utility management remotely. Utilities are able to ditch paper locates, work orders, maintenance logs, and mapping in a single intuitive solution.

Ziptility helps utilities combat Covid-19 social distancing

Here were a few customer quotes that they shared: 

The Infrastructure Management App For Crews

If you'd like to learn more about the application, you can see a comprehensive list of features and benefits here. If you'd like to learn more about the company please read this blog post, outlining our mission.

Ziptility is proud to be a member of such a prestigious program like Imagine H20, and to be considered among high quality entrepreneurs.
Here are list of the other companies that are also part of the 2020 Cohort that you should follow.

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Blog IMage - The App Your Team Will Use Everyday
Ziptility is only app utility crews need to find, fix, and manage utility infrastructure. Ziptility is used daily by utility crews in the field to stay connected and track all work in real-time. See how it works.

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