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The Utility Management App For Crews

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The #1 Map Based Collaboration Productivity Software For Utilities

Coordinate every project, Workflow or Process on A Map.

Ziptility allows utility managers to have real-time visibility into operations, see exactly what work is being done in their system, and ensure that every employee follows the correct standard operating procedures.
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Dozens Of Crews Love ZiptilitySee Why Your Crew Will Love Ziptility

Fast. Uncomplicated.
No Nonsense.

Ziptility's Utility Management Software was made just for front-line utility workers, so it’s easy to use and useful from day one.

Brian Miller, Ellettsville Utilities

"Ziptility helps our staff help each other. They track everything they do and any surprises they find - so the next guys can be more prepared.

Andrew Shreve, Ellis Water Company

"We can do a whole day’s work without making a single trip to the office. Everything we need is on our phones."

Bill Jones, Edinburgh Utilities

"I see everything in real-time. No more playing telephone or waiting for changes from the office

Randy Jackson, Logansport Municipal Utilities

"I'm responsible for more than 20,000 assets. With Ziptility, I know where everything is and the condition it's in, so I can prioritize the right maintenance to save us money."

You can do things like this with Ziptility:

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Map meters, valves, manholes, lines and more...

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Track repairs, installations, and customer visits

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Take notes and photos

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Set reminders for things that need to be done later

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Assign work to employees and contractors

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Find everything when you need it

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