Operations and asset management software for small utility teams

Ziptility helps water and wastewater utilities do more and spend less with easy-to-use apps that don’t take an army to set up and maintain.

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“No idea what we’d do without it”

If you’re like most utility managers, you’re too d*mn busy and only getting busier. Even worse, you aren’t given the time or resources to get ahead. We get it.

Chaos and confusion

Chaos, confusion, and wack-a-mole. ZiptilityChat ziptitlity appNews message Ziptiliity app
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Confidence and thecredit you deserve

Confidence, control, and the credit you deserve.. ZiptilityZiptility Employeecompleted task ziptility

The end-to-end toolkit for better utility management

With Ziptility, it’s easier than ever to capture, organize, and analyze field data to improve daily operations and simplify long-term decision making.

Reduce asset downtime

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Create asset-specific maintenance schedules and operationalize preventive maintenance tasks

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Uncover blindspots by visualizing asset conditions and problem areas

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Promote transparency and accountability on every job with enforceable operating procedures

Leak repair toolkit Ziptility

Supercharge your team

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Improve reaction times with accessible asset location and maintenance records.

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Deliver work assignments remotely to eliminate unecessary trips to the office.

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Create prioritized to-do lists and vizualize task assignments on a map.

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Future-proof your success

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Develop a succession plan that’s immediately useful to new leadership.

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Create and implement a capital improvement program without help from contractors.

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Leverage historical asset and work data to apply for low-interest loans or grants.

Future-proof product ZiptilityFuture-proof your success Ziptility

Surprisingly simple – or your money back.


To anyone that’s intimidated by trying something like this – it’s so much easier than I ever expected.”

Scott Blackwell - Town of Princes Lakes

Honestly, I didn’t think it could be so simple. I’m just amazed at how user-friendly this is.”

Jeremy Joffrion – Singer Water

I’ve wanted a product like this for 28 years. They’re the first to actually make it usable.”

C.J. Taylor - Town of Cicero

“You're helping me make so much progress without having to go all ESRI”

Nakia Foskett, Lakeside Park Mutual Water District, Lake Tahoe, CA

“The ease of use has made all of us feel like experts with very little training.”

Ryan Shock, North Manchester, IN

It's a pretty user friendly software program you got here. If I can navigate my way through it then I think anybody can.”

Jeff Rittenhouse, Bippus Regional Sewer District, IN

Backed by a growing community of utility superheroes.

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