The Infrastructure Management App For Crews

Everyone on the same page.

Ziptility is the only app water and wastewater crews need to answer questions like...
Ziptility show me whats been done here - what I should do - why did that happen
For the field
For the Office
water infrastructure asset notification Update meter information from computer or phone
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Fast. Uncomplicated.
No Nonsense.

Ziptility was made just for front-line utility workers, so it’s easy to use and useful from day one.
Power your expertise with uncomplicated tools

Every discussion, every decision, and every asset, available to everyone at anytime.

Tools for people who do the work where they do it.

Avoid duplicate work. Track changes and make edits as you visit assets in the field.

Start tomorrow - see a difference tomorrow.

Designed for water and wastewater specifically so you can implement and get started in days, not months.

Peace of mind with everything in one place.

One digital, shared and immediately accessible place for everything you and your crew knows. Which is a lot.

You can do things like this with Ziptility:

Map meters, valves, manholes, lines and more...

Track repairs, installations, and customer visits

Take notes and photos

Set reminders for things that need to be done later

Assign work to employees and contractors

Find everything when you need it

STARt using ziptility TODAY

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