Mobile Work Orders: Coronavirus Offer

Ziptility is purpose-built software for utilities. Map assets, complete locates, work orders, customer requests, and maintenance with a single solution.

Map | Ziptility

Coronavirus has forced us all to change how we work

Ziptility helps your entire team work together from anywhere with no hiccups. Manage locates, work orders, and routine maintenance from a phone or laptop without any complicated training sessions.

3 ways Ziptility help your utility right now

1. Go paperless in a flash
- Work orders
- Locate tickets
- Maintenance logs

2. Stay productive while "social distancing"
- Hold staff meetings remotely
- Work independently and discuss to-dos using spatial and historical context

3. Get ahead!
Draw in old maps
- Update maintenance logs
- Map drive-by meters
- Add location photos to meters and valves

To help protect essential water and wastewater workers from the COVID-19 coronavirus, Ziptility is will waive software fees for 90 days while you transition digitally. Schedule a demo to learn how Ziptility can help you and your team stay safe and productive during the crisis.