Ziptility is purpose-built software for utilities. Map assets, complete locates, work orders, customer requests, and maintenance with a single solution.

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SHared Workspaces Are The Best Way For Utilities To Manage Projects, Processes, And People Collaboratively

No IT required. Teams use Ziptility to solve a wide variety of challenges fast and inexpensively. 100% useful for utilities of every size.

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Meter Service

Deliver The Best Meter & Customer Service Experience.

Whether you have 400 service connections or 40,000, Ziptility allows you to improve one of the most important functions of your utility - collecting revenue and delivering great service to customers.
Data Collection

Crowdsource data collection across your entire team in Real-time.

Data collection is a team sport, and the collective knowledge of your utility is greater than any one individual. That's why Ziptility allows you to track unlimited assets, with unlimited users, and devices, that can be stored forever.
Leak Repairs

Manage Leak Repairs Faster With Less Headache & No Guessing

Leak Repairs are an unfortunate part of the job, but something every utility has to deal with. We've made it easy to coordinate and collaborate to ensure repairs happen properly and quickly.
Manage Contractors

Sleep easy knowing every contractor is doing the right work the right way

Managing infrastructure takes a village and there will always be a need for utilities to hire contractors to help. Ziptility makes it simple for you to see the work they do in real-time and approve their work as it happens.
Proactive Maintenance

Get out ahead of work in your system and never have a backlog of Proactive maintenance

With all of the reactive infrastructure and customer emergencies that a utility is constantly responding to, proactive maintenance falls by the wayside. Ziptility makes sure your proactive projects don't get lost in the shuffle, and constantly resurface work to be done.
Lead Line Replacement

Stay compliant  & get out ahead of lead & Copper rule requirements

With new regulations coming, utilities need to quickly gather data, and schedule collection tests to ensure their lead & copper lines are compliant with new standards. Ziptility allows you to visualize and manage all lead service lines that need to be replaced in your system.

Completely customizable to match the challenges you face.

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