Simple Asset Management Software for Utility Organizations

Ziptility is purpose-built software for utilities. Map assets, complete locates, work orders, customer requests, and maintenance with a single solution.

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Simple Asset Management Software For Utility Organizations

Ziptility is purpose-built software for utilities. Map assets, complete locates, work orders, customer requests, and maintenance with a single solution.

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Simple Asset Management Software 

More than 75,000 utilities provide natural gas, power, and water to residents across the United States. Simple Asset Management software is important for utility operations because knowledge is power. Inexpensive Asset Management Software allows a utility to monitor, list, and track its assets without the hassle and expense of desktop-based software solutions. Utilities are no longer bound to one location. Asset management software supports inventory identification, tracking, and optimization while on-the-go in virtually any location.

Simple Asset Management software is the best way to determine resources, but it also allows a level of resource management and organization for IT equipment and vehicles, intellectual property, and any other assets owned and used by the utility. Beyond the simple inventory functionality, simple asset management software supports a range of features including custom reporting and alerts. It manages relationships and interdependencies to support a more logical approach to problem-solving and accountability.

It is intuitive, so it can help the utility plan, optimize for maintenance and usage, and track the results. The goal of asset management software is to offer a level of flexibility and control that will pinpoint problems that need resolution and successes for replication. These inexpensive asset management software solutions offer a level of intuitive representation that should prevent disruption and downtime. The asset management software integrates with other essential tools to support the workflow that makes the most sense for the utility organization.

Asset Tracking Software

Utilities present challenges to an asset tracking application that does not exist for other types of companies. The asset tracking software must track buried assets and a range of other asset types, but an asset tracking device must also determine the aging utility workforce and the use-case scenario. A simple asset tracking spreadsheet just does not support the level of data management and analytics that a utility wants and needs. A utility needs a more comprehensive yet flexible solution that will support all their requirements both now and as the organization grow and changes.

Asset tracking software is an easy-to-install solution that offers sensor data for historical and real-time usage scenarios. It allows the utility to detect and resolved missing and stolen equipment, with instant remote access and visibility for asset use and abuse. Asset tracking software is secure with wireless options that support ease of accessibility and deployment options in the field. Asset tracking software is the modern maintenance and tracking marvel that utilities never knew they needed. It allows them to discover problems in asset management, so they can pinpoint the cause for the situation, and solve the situation.

Mobile Asset Tracking

Mobile asset tracking is quickly becoming important for utilities and consumers. Regular users find and store information while they are on the go, but that same functionality applies to employees of the utility companies. Mobile devices allow utility workers to gather and store details for electric, natural gas, and water services. It is a faster and more seamless process that allows utility companies to better communicate and engage with their internal and external customer base. They may find that there are more mobile devices than they realized, or the utility company may discover that mobile technology functions in ways that differ from the known scenarios.

That level of interactivity and direct communication also encourages a better relationship with customers, as they understand the level of commitment and dedication being shown by the utilities. It may not happen overnight, but customers develop a level of loyalty, which helps to reinforce the service relationship. Mobile asset tracking allows the utility to build the word-of-mouth and referral generation dynamic sorely lacking in so many business spheres.

At the most basic level of customer service and support, Google Maps software can support mobile interactivity and real-time support options. Similarly, asset management software supports wireless asset tracking and deliverability with GPS tracking capabilities. It supports dynamic asset mapping, planning, tracking, and optimization. With such a rich source of real-time data and analysis, the utility company can make the logical solutions that will best support the needs of their customer in a way that also strategically makes the best use of company resources. Asset management software can also offer cloud-based solutions at a lower cost, while offering more reliable levels of services and support.

GPS Asset Tracking Solution

Mobile devices have become the GPS Asset Tracking Software Solution that has been on the must-have list as part of GPS Asset Management Software. It lowers the barrier to accessibility and usability. With cell phones ever at the ready, data collection is quick and easy. Utility companies capture accurate GPS locations on devices and other assets in the field without the hassle or inconvenience previously experienced. GPS asset tracking solutions help utilities to improve the utilization and productivity of assets.

Just as any person can hail an Uber in the middle of a crowded city, the utility company can pinpoint where and how an asset is being used. So, they can track usage, and gather other relevant details used for billing milestones, maintenance schedules, and critical workflow logistics. The GPS Asset tracker can offer the level of seamless integration and data analytics that has been previously unheard of, with targeting and tracking functionality that even works in the most remote areas. GPS asset tracking solutions are ruggedized with a long-battery life for outdoor, on-the-go use.

The power of asset management software supports the seamless integration of the right solution for each utility company’s needs. It targets the organization’s specific requirements and offers a level of sophistication and functional diversity that delivers the results. It is simple and reliable, with a flexible but intuitive interface that works anywhere. Utilities can also follow the trends to determine how, where, and when asset utilization is in play. With active monitoring and data analysis, a utility can determine the current state and condition of assets. So, the utility can schedule maintenance and gauge when to replace the asset. That level of dynamic tracking allows the utility to optimize usage to maximize resources.

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