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Ziptility is purpose-built software for utilities. Map assets, complete locates, work orders, customer requests, and maintenance with a single solution.

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Learn How To Use Ziptility's Infrastructure Management Software & App

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The Basics

How To Change Basemaps

How To Add & Edit Points (meters, valves, hydrants, manholes, etc.)

How To Add & Edit Lines (main lines, force mains, lateral lines, cable lines, etc.)

How To Delete or Remove Assets From Your Map

Logging and Assigning Work (Work Order Management)

Remind Yourself Of Work To Do Later

Assigning Work To Someone Else At Your Utility

Logging Work That Was Completed Previously

Administrative Settings

Editing team member roles and policies

Changing another user's password

Changing your password

Remove a user

Update your email notification settings


Quickly adding multiple assets with the same type

Exporting your data to Shapefile, GeoJson, or CSV