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Why We Created The Ziptility Infrastructure Management App

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We're on a mission to help utilities function at their highest level because we think everyone, everywhere, deserves safe and affordable water.

Made for the 99. Built For The Field.

99% of water systems don't have effective tools to serve support their communities well. Empowering them with great software protects the right to safe and affordable water for over 160 million people.

The single profession that protects our desire for water security is the water operator. The significant and growing demands of their job leave them in a state of feeling overwhelmed, unaware of all the potential threats, and misunderstood by their board and the people they serve.

Our vision is to make them feel confident in their ability to operate their utility. Aware and attuned to all of the work being done across the utility, so they're finally recognized as a hero for the important work they do.

We're building for them. We are on a mission to reimagine the way water utilities operate and how they leverage technology to do their work.

Ziptility helps operators find problems, fix problems, and prevent problems.
We aren't experts. They are. We empower their expertise with simple tools.

Ziptility helps them capture data and turn it into direction. By capturing more comprehensive information about their infrastructure, we deliver intelligent workflows specific to water utilities. In order to deliver more intelligence, we need to capture more data.

That's why we've built from the field first.

From the underground up versus from the satellite down.

We sit on a tool-belt, and not behind a desk because those folks are the folks that know the system best.

Just like you, we're frustrated by legacy GIS tools and their way-too-hard approach to utility management. We're working overtime to build all the technology your utility needs to thrive and have developed a few core beliefs along the way:

1. Experience Can't Be Outsourced

When it comes to your infrastructure, you and your staff are the experts — not an expensive outside firm.

2. Data Entry Is A Team Sport

Your organization's collective knowledge is infinitely wiser than its smartest employee, so data entry should never be one person's job.

3. Usability Trumps Precision

Don't get bogged down with big words and fancy equipment. If everyone on your team can find the asset as needed, you're doing better than most.

4. Accessibility Trumps Everything

Unfortunately, main breaks don't always happen before 5pm. Critical information must be accessible by your team anytime, anywhere.

We hope you will join us on our mission. Learn more about us by visiting the website at

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Ziptility is only app utility crews need to find, fix, and manage utility infrastructure. Ziptility is used daily by utility crews in the field to stay connected and track all work in real-time. See how it works.

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