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What is Mobile Asset Management? The Benefits Of Making Your Utility Mobile

Water Utility Asset Management Software

What is Mobile Asset Management and Why is it important? 

With the introduction of mobile devices, people now expect real-time information to be available to them everywhere. A Modern Asset Management or GIS solution needs to be able to match this reality.

A mobile asset management solution allows operators, office administrators, inspectors, engineers, and superintendents to access important asset information no-matter where they are.

In the utility industry, employees are almost never “tied” to their desks; they’re working on the go. Field operators are constantly doing inspections, responding to customer complaints, doing locates, fixing rotting infrastructure, or doing routine maintenance like flushing hydrants.

The work is almost never ending and keeping everyone on the same page as to what's been done, by whom, and when can be a challenge.

With mobile asset management software, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones can deliver all the classic functionality of a system hosted on a laptop or desktop computer, but with the added benefits of on-the-go access.

Mobile Asset Management has many benefits for remote workers when they're away from their desk enabling them to:

  1. Access to up-to-date data at all times
  2. Capture and update infrastructure information on the go
  3. Track, manage, and respond to customer service requests
  4. Discuss, comment, or collaborate with anyone on their team in the field.
  5. Respond to emergencies quicker
  6. Reduce unnecessary visits or trips to assets in the field

Automatic updates mean that every field operator has the benefit of complete Utility data, analytics and customer-facing material at their fingertips, on any device – meaning no one is left out of the loop and team members can be confident in the work they're doing.

The importance of mobile asset management for customers

Beyond the benefits of empowering utility employees the entire knowledge base of the whole utility in their hands or pocket at all times, customers benefit from receiving better customer service.

A mobile asset management app can help ensure that your customers are getting the best service at all times. Their issues are resolved quicker. Follow-up work and conversations never fall through the cracks. It ensures that they know that you have those best interest in mind.

The business case for mobile asset management

An investment in a mobile-capable asset management platform can pay dividends throughout the utility and the community. As mobile reach and usage continues to boom, and the institutional knowledge of your utility is trapped in the minds of older employees, you need to unlock this knowledge, while your most experienced employees are still with you.

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